Monday, November 17, 2008

What do you want to be when yow grow up

This is a tricky question, probably one of the most difficult you will have to answer in your life.

First of all because you must have an answer right away, even if it is not the right one, even if it is not the best one. And also, because always has to be something amazing, something almost impossible, something that has to please more the person who is asking the question than yourself. Why? Because you learned this way.

Really pisses me of the way we keep doing things for centuries, just because we learned it supposed to be like that, or because we are afraid of facing the reality, or because we just can handle changes, or because we are lazy enough to don't face or defects and work on what we should change. I know in my heart it's all those things together and much more. I understand, but I don't know how to change.

Maybe I do, and who gave me the clue was this 8-years-old North-American boy... He answered to my stupid question, "What do you want to be when you grow up", with an "I want to be a garbage man". That sounded to me so right, so trustful, so truthful, so deep, so honest. That information knock me out in such a way that I reached the future, and I could vision human beings so develop that they don't judge or evaluate by how much you have, but by how much value you hold.

I believe the concept of value is changing, and it is sad we are still so ignorant about it. If you trust in something more powerful than simple coincidences, you would agree that everything that exists was allowed for this supreme intelligence, just because was necessary. Well, for a certain reason the arts, drugs and garbage men (and so many other things) were necessary to our development, and they still are to our society.

The point is: everything that you can find and think about in this life is necessary. Everything. So why do you have to be somebody, or believe in something, or even live in a society just to please the others to fit in the system? Just because this way you don't bother that much?

You have to bother! You have to make it different. Is the only way to leave you marks in the world.

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