Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NYPD Police Brutality Video 97 St Ozone Park NY

On this past Sat November 22nd 2008 my cameras Caught about a fourteen cops more or less. Who had pulled over a young man by the name of Mark Aragona for a no seat belt. Soon after things turned ugly when the young man asked why he was pulled over the cop said seat belt Asshole according to several witnesses. My cameras started rolling after my neighborhood was outraged by this police misuse of force on this young man. From my camera it is hard to tell I was so shaken by having to film the cops doing what I thought was Plain wrong. This was not the way for this to be handled. The boy was pulled out of the car by his neck. Then manhandled so bad that when the other cops arrived they all just jumped in to something that could have had more control had they use Respect, courtesy and professionalism is Visible in the video only on the cars they drive not in there hearts.

We want your comments even if you are a cop is this Police Brutality or not

The video below is taken by helloignorants streetsjournalism and show the NYPD police Brutality you deside?

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